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How about some fact checking, Syfy?
Kamala's surname should be Khan (which they get right later), Gwen is now Ghost-Spider, Sam is no longer Nova and Laura is no longer Wolverine!
Sometimes it depends on when that article was originally done.

I have seen magazines have stories already done but hold off on them for months or years. I can remember an issue of a magazine called Right On that encourage readers to catch Wesley Jonathan on the first season of What I Like About You on the WB and Jonathan Adams on American Dreams in it's first season.
One issue- What I Like About You was in it's 3rd season and American Dreams was in it's 3rd and FINAL season.

No. The first volume of the Rising comic was actually the first meeting of 616's Ms Marvel and Squirrel Girl. Because comics Gwen is AU, it looks like the comics have subbed Miles in instead for this follow-up.
So where is Falcon's kid at? Patriot? If you wanted Miles-you should have used Miles or don't cry when no one cares for Patriot since the rest of his team is in this new story.