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    Maybe he thought Rio was getting too old to have babies? He's nearly 18, which means she must be at least in her late 30s.

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    I'm sorry, but I continue to think that this series is underwhelming and that Miles Morales need a better writer. The conversation with his uncle was sweet, the revelation by his parents was sweet, but there was no tension. And the ending was "another day in the life of a Marvel super-hero". If you are writing a beloved character for the first time, you need to bring a fresh perspective and strong developments. The only reason that I continue to read this comics is because I like Miles Morales, but it's boring...
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    Brief Saladin Interview from Newsarama about #250

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    Planet of the Nerds #3 has a Miles Morales reference again. A quick commentary about seeing someone who looks like you in comics. REAL QUICK.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grimm911 View Post
    I would love to see Saladin touch on the whole "immortality" Oz formula thing from Miles' past. Especially since Ultimate Green Goblin will be making a return as part of his growing rogues gallery. Maybe that's a reason the new villain Ultimatum is coming after our boy.
    I think Ultimate Goblin is going to be a one-and-done summoned by Ultimatum. I don't think it's going to go much deeper into that.

    Or if it does go deeper, it'll explore Miles' new history in 616 instead of dwelling on Ultimate stuff.

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