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And it would have made for poor storytelling. A reader who isn't invested in the relationship would wonder why there's a page in the middle of the story that has nothing to do with the plot and theme of the book. It would feel out of place and damage the pacing of the story. I mean, you see what I mean right?

Honestly, some X-Men fans can be really exhausting because they no longer seem interested in reading a story and instead just focus on whether their favorite had a prominent role or sufficiently great "feats".
How exactly would that make for any more poor storytelling than any of the reunions that were presented in the issue as was? The fact that these characters were reuniting after both sides believed the other to be dead was kinda the point? And whether the reader is invested in a particular interaction isn’t the writer’s concern. They’ll tell the story they want regardless of investment on the part of the reader so readers’ concern isn’t really any kind of excuse. Hell we literally spent a page on Rosenberg saying Logan was poisoned in the previous battle, something last issue never even had occur, and recapping what Emma has done, something that’s redundant for the reader as last issue told us already and this issue mentioned it repeatedly. So when it comes down to it, it’s not a matter of wasting time, Rosenberg just didn’t want to.