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    Quote Originally Posted by oasis1313 View Post
    Which episodes of BTAS would worthwhile for Dick fans? I think the Nightwingies are hanging around until Didio can justify canceling the book.
    Quote Originally Posted by byrd156 View Post
    Robin's Reckoning part 1 & 2 is my all-time favorite version of Dick's origin.

    Don't forget Christmas with the Joker and If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?. Also Fear of Victory is damn good. There are more but these are probably my favorites.
    Quote Originally Posted by byrd156 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Frontier View Post
    I remember this comic .
    Me too. All-time favorite Dick Grayson artist: Scott McDaniel.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K7P5V View Post
    My personal favorite is Batgirl Returns.
    All the Batgirl episodes are great.
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    Another set of YJ episodes, so that's another set of episodes that features Dick being a good mentor. Dick, Conner, and Artemis are really a power trio and I love their interactions. I'd go into more, but I'm actually kinda tired so I'll save it for later. Next week, we get the last 4 episodes of this half of Outsiders...

    And about Jason, since that popped up in here, some of you guys are really focused on pre-Flashpoint Jason, still. Jason barely did any of the things he did in the old timeline as the Red Hood, most of that was replaced with whatever ninja nonsense Lobdell wrote in. Because of the short timeline (5 or 10 years, it's still very short for Jason's resurrection), the only stuff that really happened was a version of Under the Red Hood and maybe a version of Battle for the Cowl, none of the stuff during or after that happened. And then it's just whatever New 52 and Rebirth stuff that happens, happens. I remember there was a brief period when people were speculating if the New 52 versions of UtRH and BftC were one and the same, and essentially Jason really only went up against Dick before turning anti-hero. He really hated Dick at the start of the New 52, but was largely fine with everyone else, including Bruce. Ultimately tho, it doesn't matter much, but what does matter is that none of the reasons for Jason not really being a hero count as much. Besides the current Outlaw storyline, Jason's whole-heartedly stuck to Bruce's rules until the Penguin thing. Even when Bruce was gone and Dick was calling the shots for Robin War and BRE, he still followed them, as well as Dick's orders. If Jason doesn't rejoin the family after this current arc, then that makes sense. He broke the rules while being sane, after all. But beforehand, he was reeled in pretty quickly, and you can argue it was the family itself that saved him so I don't get the idea that he doesn't belong.

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    Was a bit bored so I compiled some things I thought were interesting and regards to the management behind the current arc.

    Some interesting comments from Fabian in the comments section of this review for #56. He apparently didn't even write the bits of dialogue the reviewer had problems with and has stated he didn't even bother comparing his delivered script to the final version for this issue despite it it having his name in the credits for it. This was his last issue so he probably didn't care anymore (add him to the list of creators that left after one arc now), and it isn't like anyone involved in this book has cared for a while anyway, but it is another example of the zero effort and bad management involved in this title. Here is a tweet where he says DC asked him to script #57-58 but he declined which lead to the horrible Esquivel situation.

    This made me want to go back and reread the old interview Fabian and Lobdell did on newsarama at the start of the Ric Grayson story.

    Reading it again it is funny. They are trying very hard to sell a story that neither really believe in. The only bit that had any real truth in it was when Lobdell got super defensive about the Jason comments, but interviews like this feels very fake to me. It just feels like such bullshit. Like they know this story and situation is a mess but can't say anything other than try and sell it as such a great idea. It also reminded me of a Bleedingcool article that Fabian commented on in the comments section as well where he again tried to sell the story and bring up how Dick is his favorite comic character ever and that he wouldn't script it if he didn't believe in it, but a quick look at his social media he didn't bother promoting the book he was scripting at all during his time on it.

    It is just very telling that Fabian says Dick is his all time favorite character (not saying Dick isn't), but after one arc that his friend Lobdell got him to script for him (Lobdell was probably too busy or not interested in writing the book just himself), DC asks Fabian to script more issues and he declines. Kind of admitting this has been a failure. This lead to DC having to find someone else to script for Lobdell (wonder who they got after Esquivel was fried), but it has to have been a mess if he bolted so fast from writing his apparent all time favorite character in just one arc.

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