Using the fee trial to watch the episodes. My full thoughts were in the Young Justice thread but I'll just repost them over here. There are very slight spoilers but they were mentioned in the promotional material so I wont use the tag. Go watch it now instead of reading this post. TODAY'S THE DAY!!!

I'm 1 and a half episodes in, my fear about the animation quality dropping turned out to be true. It's a minor gripe but something that is always there but the kickass voice acting team holds up those short comings. The animation also has that lame blood effect and showing bodies that the recent animated movies always do. That felt really out of place. The kinda Wally tribute at the end of episode 1 got me in the feels. Damn you DC.

Loved the check-in with Roy (I mean Will) and seeing Lian grow a bit makes me feel good. Seeing Garth and Donna in Ep. 2 only for a brief scene made me so damn happy, her costume is very uninspired but I love that she's a diplomat like Diana was. I love the fact that Garth has his purple eyes which a lot of artist forget to add. Young Justice is doing what they always do, take the overall history/legacy (the good and the bad) of the DCU and blend it together with original ideas for a new and familiar product that improves on those original mistakes. So far this season has that classic mix of Batman leaving for the Outsiders mixed Rebirth ideas like Grayson and certain design choices. Brion is probably my favorite of the new characters so far will jump back in after I finish the rest.

DC really upped the tone unsubtly this season, I get that they are no longer restricted by Cartoon Network on that front but the amount of blood and upfront killing feels off. When I think of killing in DC animated stuff I think of more clever ways around it like BTAS Robin's Reckoning with the shadows of Dick's parents then the broken rope swings in with the crowd's shocked reaction. That has stuck with me more than some other bloody upfront killing.

I like Black Lightning dealing with that grief and that death felt well done. Watch Failsafe from season 1 and you'll get what I mean. The whole team dies along with the League. The tension and grief is there but the deaths aren't so in your face about it.