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    Default Susan Storm-Richards: The Invisible Woman Appreciation 2019

    Welcome to the appreciation thread of The Invisible Woman for the year 2019!

    With Sue back in comics, the new year brings new adventures for Marvel's first lady!


    Along with the other members of the Fantastic Four Susan Storm's story begins in the pages of Fantastic Four #1 (1961).

    After the fateful bombardment of cosmic rays Sue found she had the ability to turn invisible at will and took on the moniker of the Invisible Girl.

    Through the years

    As time progress Sue discovered more to her powers, gaining the ability to turn other things invisible as well as generate powerful force-fields that she can she shape in any for she chooses.

    Susan also married her fellow teammate, Mr Fantastic, and has had two children with him. Becoming one of the most well-known superhero mothers in media.

    She has led the Fantastic Four when Mr Fantastic was thought dead, has been the Queen of old Atlantis, worked as a spy for SHIELD, and has done many more things.

    Eventually, Sue drops the 'Girl' part of her codename and becomes The Invisible Woman.

    Invisible Woman today

    Sue has grown exponentially since her introduction and is now considered the most powerful member of the Fantastic Four and one of the more powerful heroes in Marvel.

    She is now a confident, powerful, and respected member of the Fantastic Four. As well as a leader in her own right.

    I look forward to what's in store for Sue in the upcoming year and hope she continues to grow.

    Now, let's appreciate the first lady of Marvel!
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