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    Yes yes, their are people like him, this s usually Cyborg first big arc remembering he is not so different after all, except he tends to become more machine then man as time goes on so he has to relearn the lesson again. DC always made a bad choice picking him as their token for JL, no one gets hyped for the dude who is first to be torn apart because he can just be put back together, its as if he is worth less then the other members
    He's a mess
    I disagree. I wouldn't call Cyborg a mess. Robotman also have been torn apart in battle scenes because the creators think that it's the cool thing to do. I think that when it comes to Cyborg when it happens in storylines like 'forever evil' and in BVS when he's torn in half they do it without realising the affect it may have on Cyborg's black male fans or the black community who may see him as a representative avatar (even though some may have ill intent). This is why DC should always keep a Black creator on their payroll-to help guide the right way to present Black Superheroes in their comics. But this is kind of impossible since most Black writers hired by DC get extremely negative reviews by it's readers. Priest is the only African American writer that has been embraced by DC fans in recent memory. Cyborg's last writer John Semper jr. had extremely negative reviews as did the Teen Titans first Black female writer.
    But imo Semper jr. did a great job writing Cyborg. Before his Cyborg began he stated that Vic in his run will be treated with respect and would not be dismembered. And he did kept his word.
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