I'm really glad with the revelations of batman #78. I fully thought they were going to go with the Damian as scapegoat route [they might still do. I still don't trust King] but that was a good save though it made Bruce look like a horny coward and an idiot.

Why send your kid to take on people who've handed you arse on multiple occasions?

However the fact that this plan seemed to just involve Alfred and Damian continues the theme that's been running through Rebirth and King's Batman. The only ones that matter are Alfred and the blood child. Which I don't like at all.

The concept of family being a lot more than blood is one that has always been a part of Batman. It's part of what I enjoy the most about the family. It's a significant part of Dick and Damian's dynamic. What makes em so special. Damian was rejected by his blood and made family by one who was adopted by his father.

So nice save but I still hate it.

On TT now that we know the traitor I hope we get to find out the truth about the brainwashing idea. I don't mind Damian having a prison or being brutal. I don't mind him manipulating and lying. I do mind him imposing his will on to others. That should be something a character with his background should never do.

He has experience of what it's like to have another take over your will. He has been a puppet so he shouldn't ever wish that on others. I get that it's difficult watching a planet die. It's difficult following your fathers methods when you know that Metal and it's aftermath are all his fault but I hope it turns out that the idea to brainwash those baddies wasn't Damian's.