-Honey Garbage
-Possibility of Prodigy
-Maaaaaaybe Surge. Maaaaaaaaaybe any other hero with a code name that starts with S.

If I wasn’t reading Champions for Zub’s writing, Cumming’s art, and the legacy kids, the NXM fan in me wouldn’t have bought this. But actually check out #1 because it’s really good!

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Anole's got a regeneration factor, he can regrow limbs, but that's not necessarily the same as a healing factor.
If he has internal injuries, like fractured ribs or bruised organs, or a concussion, that might still need to heal normally than heal immediately like a Wolverine.

It's like how Icarus' powers were more healing himself from death than any regular injury.
Fair. I guess it just kind of sucks that Anole was taken out of commission when the Blackbird crashing, exploding, vaporizing, etc etc is the X-Men’s whole thing. They destroy those things all the time and THAT’S what takes out Oya and Anole?? Even Pixie didn’t seem that phases besides hitting her head. It just takes you out of the comic.