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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Stephanie Beatriz Becomes She-Hulk In New Image
She has my vote!
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She-Hulk has a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure, announced the same time as the FF and Doom. And it's…

the gray, "She-less" Hulk.

I'm happy for the fans who did enjoy that run. Given that is wasn't a particularly long status quo I am surprised that is got it own figure.
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She-Hulk sighting in Gwenpool Strikes Back.

Though Gwen is wrong about her assessment. Jen was made for trademark reasons, not because sexy. Though at least she seems aware about this She-Hulk situation is just a thing currently happening and knows it is a problem.

(Jessica Jones was also not eye candy. If this is just Gwen being dumb, fine but if its not and that's what the writer believes... good f**king grief)
Looks like Gwen got some bad info on some characters, I've recently seen some youtube videos on She-Hulk's origin that have false facts like her father died instead of Jill so it wouldn't be the first time a fan got something wrong.
I do agree with Gwen on the topic of Steve and Bucky wrestling