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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravin' Ray View Post
    ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Star Stephanie Beatriz Becomes She-Hulk In New Image
    She has my vote!
    Quote Originally Posted by Ravin' Ray View Post
    She-Hulk has a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure, announced the same time as the FF and Doom. And it's…

    the gray, "She-less" Hulk.
    I'm happy for the fans who did enjoy that run. Given that is wasn't a particularly long status quo I am surprised that is got it own figure.
    Quote Originally Posted by InformationGeek View Post
    She-Hulk sighting in Gwenpool Strikes Back.

    Though Gwen is wrong about her assessment. Jen was made for trademark reasons, not because sexy. Though at least she seems aware about this She-Hulk situation is just a thing currently happening and knows it is a problem.

    (Jessica Jones was also not eye candy. If this is just Gwen being dumb, fine but if its not and that's what the writer believes... good f**king grief)
    Looks like Gwen got some bad info on some characters, I've recently seen some youtube videos on She-Hulk's origin that have false facts like her father died instead of Jill so it wouldn't be the first time a fan got something wrong.
    I do agree with Gwen on the topic of Steve and Bucky wrestling

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    Canonically, Gwenpool ought to know everything about the heroes from pre-Secret Wars, and anything about post-Secret Wars except for new heroes with secret identities, since in-universe, comics about Captain America, Iron Man, and other publicly known heroes are identical to in the real world, but Amazing Spider-Man, for example, is not - which means she knows, for example, that Jane Foster was Thor, but not that she's also Valkyrie, since Jane keeps a secret identity and the world doesn't even know the new Valkyrie is the Lady Thor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravin' Ray View Post
    She-Hulk has a Hasbro Marvel Legends figure, announced the same time as the FF and Doom. And it's…

    the gray, "She-less" Hulk.
    I'm not too surprised considering how much time it probably takes to plan out and sculpt these figures. While a pass for me, I would be interested in a figure based on the current Avengers version, or the bulky/Classic Jen hybrid from Kris Anka's story in "Marvel #1000".

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    This week in She-Hulk sightings we got the mentioned Gwenpool Strikes Back #3 with a bunch of others heroes.
    Contagion #2 as background dressing in Avengers Mountain.
    The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #49, showing up with the rest of the Avengers to back up Doreen.

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    Fantastic Four #270 Sep 1984
    Johnny has brought Alicia Masters to his newly renovated apartment.
    He explains that he moved into the apartment to have a place of his own
    away from the Baxter Building so he can have an adult life outside of the Fantastic Four.
    The conversation turns over to Alicia's past with her father, the notorious Puppet Master, and her past relationship with the Thing.
    When the subject of Ben's absence comes up, Alicia tells Johnny that she
    understands why Ben stayed behind on Battleworld at the end of the Secret Wars.
    She explains that things had started to change for them as a couple following the attack on the Baxter Building from Annihilus.
    She spent five months recovering in the hospital and she and Ben spent most of that time evaluating their relationship.
    She reflects on how that both she and Ben began dating due to their mutual dependency on one another
    and that over time the dynamic has changed. She remarks how she still loves Ben, but has decided that it is time to move on with her life.
    Noting the time, Alicia recalls that she has an interview coming up and has to go.
    After she thanks Johnny for having her over, she kisses him on the mouth.
    After she is gone, Johnny notices that Alicia left her cap behind and debates on chasing after her to return it,
    but opts to keep it at his apartment as an excuse for her to come back again.
    Johnny then opens the skylight in his loft and flames on and flies off to the Baxter Building.

    There, Franklin comes rushing into Reed's lab after hearing a crash.
    Calling out to his mother, Franklin is surprised to find the lab in ruins and his mother crying.
    When Franklin asks what happened, she explains that she got mad when his father
    and She-Hulk went out on a mission and she was ordered to stay behind.
    Susan quietly reflects that she is also still quite upset about the miscarriage she just had,
    reminding herself that while it hurts the loss of the baby is not her fault.
    She tells Franklin that she needs to contact Johnny and tells him to finish packing to go back to Belle Porte.
    After Franklin rushes off, Sue initiates the Fantasti-Flare, calling Johnny to headquarters.

    Meanwhile, at a laboratory in Houston, Texas, scientists are trying to make sense of
    the strange alien craft that touched down in the deserts near Oklahoma, and what ties it might have
    with the strange alien writing that was carved into the Earth that the Fantastic Four were sent out to investigate....

    ... While in that very desert, She-Hulk pulls herself free from the rubble
    following an attack from the massive alien invader calling himself Terminus.
    She quickly finds Reed, Wyatt Wingfoot and his tribes men, who were protected from the blast by Reed's body.

    Recovering, Reed grimly considers that Terminus is a threat as deadly as Galactus and must be stopped.
    They suddenly spot a massive explosion where Terminus is laying waste to a nearby town.
    The massive alien and his power lance makes short work of the buildings, gloating how the human race will become his slaves.
    Terminus pauses for a moment to check with his minion, an alien he keeps in a massive cylinder.
    The creature explains that since they left Arianis Major he did not have time to calculate how useful this world might be.
    Only interested in looting the planet and enslaving its people, Terminus is not interested in words
    and abandons his minion then begins training his lance's energies deep into the core of the Earth,
    causing the energies from its molten core to rise up and swirl around him. Observing this from afar,
    Reed realizes that Terminus is breaking down the planet to its base elements for his own use.

    Wyatt soon spots the alien minion of Terminus, who beacons them to him. Dying from the injuries sustained in his fall,
    the alien explains to them that he tricked Terminus into coming to Earth
    as he knew that it had super-humans who might be capable of stopping him.
    When Reed muses over this, She-Hulk is upset and asks if he intends on throwing the entire planet at this invader in order to stop him.
    She-Hulk's sarcastic comment actually inspires Reed with a solution to their problem.

    Meanwhile, Terminus continues forward on his march of destruction, approaching the town of Hanover.

    Before he can reach the town, Reed has She-Hulk distract Terminus by throwing the remains of the Pogo-Plane at him.
    This knocks his power lance from his hands and distracted Terminus long enough for Reed to attach his acceleration device onto Terminus.

    Suddenly, the massive alien is pulled deep into the ground. Without his lance to power him, Reed figures it will take Terminus
    months to dig his way free allowing Reed enough time to develop a suitable means of disposing of the alien invader.
    He explains to Wyatt that he used his accelerator to give Terminus the twenty times the velocity of Earth's rotation in space,
    causing him to sink into the Earth. As a side effect, the ground begins to shake as the hole made by Terminus fills in.
    This causes both She-Hulk and Wyatt to topple over, with Wyatt landing on top of Jen.
    While Wyatt is somewhat embarrassed, She-Hulk is merely flattered and flirtatious.

    In the aftermath of the battle Reed notices that Wyatt is troubled. Wyatt explains that he has been selected to be the new leader
    of his tribe following the death of his grandfather, but he is unsure if he is worthy of the title or if he wants it.
    After discussing it with his people, Wyatt decides that he needs to go and find himself again
    and decides to return to New York with the Fantastic Four to try and sort out what he wants out of his life.
    She-Hulk is impressed of Wyatt and the strength of his convictions, while Reed welcomes him along as a guest of the Fantastic Four.

    Story & art by John Byrne.
    Imperius Rex!
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    Quote Originally Posted by comicfan298 View Post
    There will probably make more figures of her with that mold, I can see the re-paint her to match current She-Hulk a new Savage She-Hulk or perhaps a first appearance Red She-Hulk. But the one character that mold needs to be used on is Titania, who hasn't had a Marvel Legends figure.
    I completely agree with you here. Bring on Titania!

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    Sensational She-Hulk #5 Sep 1989
    "The Doctor Is In!"
    She-Hulk is relaxing on a Saturday morning, watching some TV. S
    he turns on "Big-Wig's Bungalow", but is disappointed that it isn't as funny as usual.
    After a "bong" sound Big-Wig stops his usual gags, and starts talking about reading at the local library.
    Jen changes channels to the Fab-Rat cartoon, but after a few moments there is a "bong" sound,
    and the cartoon characters disappear, to be replaced with a real mouse being chased and eaten by a real cat!
    Disgusted, Jen quickly changes channel, to a "3 Amusing Fellows" sketch, but after another "bong" noise,
    the goofiness is gone, and one of the characters gets his head sliced open with a chainsaw!

    Jen starts flipping channels to try and figure out what is going on, but then there is another "bong",
    and suddenly she is no longer in her apartment--she is in the middle of a jungle!
    She-Hulk doesn't have a chance to worry about what happened--she soon hears a cry for help.
    Jen finds a young boy about to be eaten by a tyrannosaurus!
    She-Hulk grabs the dinosaur's tail, swings it around and tosses it away!

    Jen goes to check on the kid, who introduces himself as Paul White.
    He tells her he was using his remote control to put on his favorite cartoon--and Jen finishes by asking if he heard a strange bong.
    Paul says yes, and Jen thinks this is starting to make some kind of sense.
    The two look around and find the characters from the "Stonesteins" cartoon, but they have become real Neanderthals.
    Jen still has her remote control, so she tries changing channels.
    Suddenly they are out of the jungle and on some high-tech platform!

    Elsewhere, Fifi, a French-maid, duck-woman, alerts Doctor Bong that there is a power fluctuation in his machine.
    Doctor Bong checks the equipment, to see what is interfering with his educational recalibration field.

    She-Hulk and Paul find a door, and go inside the futuristic apartment, to find a married couple stuck inside,
    listening to George and Jane O'Rocket lecture about equality of the sexes, safe uses of atomic power, etc.
    This couple also got trapped inside their TV program while using their remote controls.
    Jen tells them to hold on to her and Paul, while she uses the remote again.

    Back in his lab, Dr. Bong has located She-Hulk and the others.
    He determines that She-Hulk's remote must be precisely attuned to his own instruments,
    which is how she and the others got pulled inside.
    Doctor Bong decides that he will have to go inside as well, to sort the problem out directly.
    He tells Fifi to watch the children while he is gone, and not to touch anything--especially not the emergency manual off switch.
    Bong then rings his helmet-bell and disappears.

    She-Hulk and the others arrive in the Robot-Cop show.
    Robot-Cop mistakes the remote control for a weapon, so he shoots and destroys it!
    The cyborg then tries to place them under arrest, but Doctor Bong arrives and paralyzes him.

    Bong then introduces himself as the genius who invented Bongvision.
    He demonstrates his power, by bonging his helmet-bell, taking them through a few more channels.
    She-Hulk asks him why he has been warping all these shows into realistic versions of themselves.
    Bong tells her that it was to protect the minds of his cloned children, the Bong Quintuplets.
    He found them watching Saturday morning cartoons, and was afraid that programming would numb their minds.
    So, to protect them, he created a way to actually alter the programs that were being broadcast!
    He also discovered an unexpected side-effect...the ability to enter the transmission and become a part of it.
    She-Hulk asks why he didn't just turn off the TV, rather than do all this.
    He says that he was worried that it would have further damaged his kids' psyches.
    He tells them that they got accidentally drawn in because their old remotes operated on hypersonics.
    Since they are now trapped due to the destruction of their remote,
    Bong simply departs and leaves She-Hulk and the others trapped in the TV program.

    She-Hulk decides that it is time to stop playing by Bong's rules and start playing by hers.
    She rips the page, and she and the other civilians escape into a comic book price guide.

    As they rush over to the next page, Bob skins his shin on the staple.
    She-Hulk then rips another hole through the page, and they re-enter the story, in Doctor Bong's lab.
    Their arrival startles Fifi so much that she stumbles back into the emergency shut off switch!
    Since Doctor Bong was still inside the program when it got shut down, he is now gone!
    There is no "on" switch--only Doctor Bong's chime could activate the system.

    Even though the threat of Doctor Bong has been eliminated, Jen reminds them that they
    still have another problem--they still have to get home from Bong's fortress in Mongolia.

    Flashback to 3 weeks ago...Taryn and a man named Buford are staying at the Launch Pad motel in Cape Canaveral.
    Taryn gets out of the shower and asks Buford how his studying is going. He tells her that it is going slowly.
    Despite his mutant ability to drive anything, he doesn't want to try and make their plan work without finishing his studying.
    Taryn worries if maybe she is asking for too much; if her scheme is too crazy.
    Buford tells her that nothing is too crazy when love is involved.
    He assures her that he wouldn't have stuck around for the past few weeks if he didn't feel that this was worth doing.
    "An' if Ulysses Solomon Archer is still alive out there in deep and me is sure enough gonna find him!"

    Script and pencils by John Byrne, inks by Bob Wiacek
    Imperius Rex!
    It's clobberin' time! Hulk is strongest one there is! Have at thee!
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    I read the She-Hulk annual by Alexandra Petri. I enjoyed it very much and the resolution with Machinesmith was both funny but also very smartly discussed.

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    I like Jen's musculature in this Mary Jane variant cover.

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    Default REPORT: She-Hulk May Bring Back Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross

    REPORT: She-Hulk May Bring Back Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross

    That would be cool if it happens. Perhaps there would be a story arc where Jen battles the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk at once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Supergirl's Pal View Post
    REPORT: She-Hulk May Bring Back Betty Ross, Thunderbolt Ross

    That would be cool if it happens. Perhaps there would be a story arc where Jen battles the Red Hulk and the Red She-Hulk at once.
    I guess if they can't do another Hulk movie, they can just migrate Hulk's supporting cast to She-Hulk's show...although I hope we see some Jen-original supporting cast members.

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