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    Default Detective comics #1027 : what do YOU wanna see?

    The 1000th appearance of batsy is coming up. What would you like to see in this?

    Maybe something that pays tribute to characters from 'tec 1-26 (Slam Bradley etc.)

    Another re-telling of Case of the chemical syndicate?

    What artists and writers should they use? (Denny O'Neil, Alan Grant, Klaus Janson, Kelley Jones, Sam Keith etc.

    YOUR ideas?

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    I'd rather have a one-shot focused on one creative team telling a solid story. These collections of forgettable 4-8 pagers isn't doing it for me too much.
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    I like the 1000s, but for Tec 1027, I would love to see something a bit more out if the box. Not the 1 page thingy Marvel 1000 did, but more celebration, with really good stories.
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    Man, lot of Batman anniversaries lately .

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