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That doesn't work for me. I like the struggle of good v. evil where good usually wins. That's just my thing. I prefer comics set up where heroes are most good, villains are mostly evil, and only a few operate in gray space. I love reading about heroes. Lot of characters, neither good nor bad, but each pursuing their own ends, it's just politics or power games, and doesn't evoke any emotional response from me. I find it dull. Though I know many people love it.

Just can't agree. For me, Catwoman was set up as not-so-bad quite early (second appearance, I believe) and her turning hero is great (some goodish story stuff on that in the bronze age - the amnesiac flight attendant thing from earlier was silly). I do think Harley and Ivy should remain villains, rather than turn anti-hero. But even remaining eternally non-killing thief would be far superior to flip-flopping, which is just weak storytelling to me.
The amnesiac flight attendant storyline was not bronze age
It was golden age.

Golden Age of Comic Books (1938 – 1956)
Silver Age of Comic Books (1956 – 1970)
Bronze Age of Comic Books (1970 – 1986)

The Amnesiac Flight Attendant story was Batman #62 which was published in 1950 and 6 years before Silver Age story.
Therefore, it was in the Golden Age.
It definitely wasn't in the Bronze Age which started in 1970.