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    Default HOLY MOLEY!!! Superman vs. He-Man complete!

    Some great stuff right here. Complete and up to date.


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    Good stuff, but this really is a mismatch. If you took each hero based on his peak performance, maybe He-man could win at arm wrestling, but Superman has too much going for him. Simply put, He-man is not a speedster, doesn't fly, etc.

    He-man vs. Hulk might be a more interesting battle, but I think the "Green Giant" (as my friend's Taiwanese mom called him when Ang Lee's movie came out) would win that one, too.

    BTW, I wish they made a Teela vs. Wonder Woman toy set. Granted, that would be the most lopsided of the DC vs. Masters line, but it still should've been made. That's two highly prominent characters missing.

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    This is one of those times where my preferences clash with the majority of the material. Early mini-comic He-Man was tremendously strong, but he wasn't Superman strong like he'd become in the Filmation show. He was, I would say, maybe twice as strong as Iron Man. Maybe. That might be pushing it. That's my favorite version of He-Man though, and most of what the writer here had to say doesn't even really apply to him. Sure he protects Castle Grayskull from Skeletor's diabolical clutches, he's friends with Ram-Man and Man-at-Arms and Teela, but there's no Prince Adam to be seen and rather than being the jovial, wise old soul he seemed in Filmation, he was a very noble-savage kind of figure, with a certain amount of arrogant trash talking to go along with his strength and his great love for Eternia. If that He-Man were to fight a more worthy match for him, like say, Golden Age Superman, that might be a more interesting team-up for me - though of course I still think Superman would be stronger.
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