We basically know how it works the whole thing of the "Warp World", where half the population of the universe is merged with the other half. But even after the "Secret Warps", there has been several other titles where we have or we are going to have merged characters too. I can't stop thinking... Are these new "fusions" going to appear in the Warp World too?

Let me give you some examples:
+ "Amazing Spider-Man # 798" had Norman Osborn/Green Goblin merged with Cletus Kassady/Carnage as the Red Goblin (although it reminds me a lot the DemoGoblin).
+ "Tony Stark: Iron Man #15" had Wonder Man and Vision merged together, and a similar "fate" was incoming for all the robots which programming came from human brainwaves; like Ultron and Hank Pym, or Janet Van Dyne and Jocasta.
+ In Marvel's Solicitations for March 2020, it has been revealed that issue 4 of a miniseries "Tarot" will have the Avengers and the Defenders merged with each others. Considering Captain America and Doctor Strange are in these teams, we could have "Soldier Supreme" again.

So, with so many "fusions" popping-up through Marvel, do you think Infinity Warps will return and "adopt" these warps into their reality?

NOTE: I believe merging Norman Osborn with the Werewolf into a "green haired goblin" was a mistake. I mean, the result was quite similar to Miles Warren as the Jackal. Maybe Miles Warren as the Jackal should have been merged with the Werewolf here. The Red Goblin was a WAY better option for Norman Osborn. What do you think?