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    I'm a bit surprised none of these fellas made the contest. I was actually tempted to change my entry.

    There are many ways to kill. One can stab a knife in your guts; take away your bread; deprive you of the cure for your illness; put you in a miserable housing; torture you to death with work; take you to war; etc.
    Only a few of these are prohibited in our country.
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    It should also be noted that the day of voting (Jan. 8) was in fact the birthday of "The King"

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    Quote Originally Posted by icctrombone View Post
    Oh man, he totally slipped my mind...
    Quote Originally Posted by CaptCleghorn View Post
    The cover that explains the choice:

    And this cover totally slipped my mind.
    That is, the heritage of the Kryptonian Warrior: Kal-El, son of Jor-El
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    Looks like I'll have to move past gameplay footage

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    This is late, but my first choice was this:

    Only it couldn't qualify, because the brunette front and center isn't a royalty. But she was originally meant to be, because those who know the history of X-Statix would remember that she was supposed to be Diana, Princess of Wales, resurrected from the dead mutant. That's right folks! Marvel had this zany idea to bring back Diana as a mutant because, quoting from this article:
    In 2003, writer Peter Milligan announced that the deceased Diana, Princess of Wales would be joining the X-Statix, a media-whoring X-Men spin-off team. In an interview with The Guardian UK, Milligan noted that "Diana exerted a strange, mysterious power from beyond the grave," so why not turn that into a mutant power?

    Diana was set to appear in a storyline cheekily titled "Di Another Day." Her zombified body would join the X-Statix, thwart assassination attempts from the British Royal Family, and thwart further assassination attempts from her jealous teammates, who would grow increasingly annoyed that she was hogging the limelight.
    Well you can guess the reaction Buckingham Palace had to that! So they changed her hair color and identity. Here's what the cover would have looked like with Diana:

    The Cracked article also mentioned how Mike Mayhew used an official portrait of King Juan Carlos of Spain for his drawing of House of M Magneto.

    Congrats Tami!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ravin' Ray View Post
    Well you can guess the reaction Buckingham Palace had to that!

    And yet they survived the "Royal Blood" story arc in Hellblazer that had Prince Charles be possessed by Calibraxis, Lord of the Blades. Maybe they shrugged it off, because going around inflicting mayhem is just what the Prince of Wales does.

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