To be honest I know next to nothing about this title, might have seen a solicit while scrolling through previews however I saw a write up on the third installment in a recent Newsarma article and the look of it caught my eye. I ordered the first trade, the book is put out by Mad Cave which I know nothing about. I was just curious if any on here have read and/or recommend the book. I am having an unscratched fantasy itch these days, with GoT being gone. I really loved (at least the first volume of it) Warlands, liked the look of Battle Chasers and am very intrigued by DC's the Last God. The art for Battlecats looks very good especially for a very independent title, the solicits and covers look top notch but was curious if any on here have read and have opinion on the series and possibly can think of any other high quality fantasy type titles out there.