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    Default Victor Creed: Sabretooth Appreciation 2019

    Evil or Inverted -show appreciation for whichever makes you happy. lol
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    Just kicking the thread off with new news. Sabretooth has been MIA at the end of Weapon X. Hasn't been mentioned in solicits or shown in advertisements since losing his mind, and possibly his inversion, and running into the Saskatchewan woods.

    However, Sabretooth makes his next appearance in Madripoor, where he will apparently be one of the villains that will come into violent contact with Black Widow.

    "She's a trained killer and she's smart enough to not hurt people that don't deserve it," said Sylvia. "And Madripoor has a lot of people that really deserve it. "People like Sabretooth," she continued.

    "Sabretooth's a good guy now," Jen interjected.

    They're talking about the villains for the new limited series, and Sabretooth is included in that list. But Jen acknowledges his inversion, which may have been in effect when this book was pitched, as they said it's an older story they had for a while, but couldn't use at the time. Now, for whatever reason, the time is right.

    Is Sabretooth still inverted? Is he evil? Is he inverted, with shading dealings in Madripoor? When does this take place?

    Find out soon in the upcoming limited series, Black Widow. Coming next Wednesday.
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    Are there people who really like “good” Sabretooth? If so, why?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRaymond View Post
    Are there people who really like “good” Sabretooth? If so, why?
    I loved Good Sabretooth. As for why? I'll quote my tumblr post.
    For the last 15 years, Creed has been a HUGE jobber who gets beaten up by everyone. Even as a villain he is rarely bad news anymore because he’s KO’d in 5 sec. He’s been a second-rate villain for most of the last 15 years (since 2003). Some writers have tried to save him, but it doesn’t last because the next writer just puts him back in annoying loser territory. The heroes see him as a nuisance, not a threat like he used to be.He’s the annoying fly in the room, rather than the wasp you may be worried about. So that’s why I don’t mind the inversion -because there’s hardly anything left for him as a villain. He’s a D-lister at the point.

    Plus a bonus, he had a better love interest after the inversion. As a villain, Creed has had a total of three real love interests. And two of them were introduced & killed off in minis. Otherwise, he’s always thrown to Mystique, who treats him let a pet that she likes one minute & abuses the next. He's a low-level henchman she occasionally shags. She's betrayed him, poisoned him, thrown him around, and shot him in the head at one point. Yet Creed has become so pathetic, he’s shown putting up with that treatment. Lady Mastermind, while working with them, points out how Creed is sweet on Mystique & considers her the be all and end all. PASS for me on that. Him falling for Monet, I approve. lol Mystique, he ought to wanna kill as much as Logan.
    As a villain, this is the Sabretooth we get now.

    And as a fan of a once badass villain, this is depressing & embarrassing, I have no interest in reading the D-list comedy wannabe villain he's turned into. He's about as threatening as Plankton (Spongebob).

    Least after the Inversion, he started getting some respect as a character, and had potential for interesting stories. Before Pak ruined him, then shat on him. He had some good stories 15 years ago when writers cared to give some depth to villains, but they don't do that anymore, it seems.. So villain Sabretooth has nothing left to care about these days.
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    Ah. So the real problem is that I’m old and learned to save my money. :-)

    I’ll agree that Sabretooth was turned into a bit of a joke. Not sure how to fix that without losing a lot of X-Men, and for the rest to gain scars. Maybe he shouldn’t have ever become an X-Men villain and remained a feature of the Wolverine book.

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    Uncanny X-Men #240 Jan 1989
    Inferno: Part 1 of 7 - "Strike the Match!"
    Alex Summers and Madelyne Pryor have decided to spend the evening at the Rainbow Room in Manhattan.
    They have a romantic evening and can't help but notice that the place is empty and that the weather in Manhattan has been unseasonably warm.
    Their evening is interrupted by a group of paranormal investigators who have come to set
    up equipment to monitor the Empire State Building, which they believe is growing in size.
    Their disturbance upset the owner of the shop and the scientists are kicked out.
    As they enter the elevator they are surprised when the walls come to life and attack them.
    While Havok talks to the owner, Madelyne examines the Empire State Building through binoculars and sees it as it really is and is happy.
    When Alex rejoins her the two decide to return home to their secret hideout in Australia.
    As they enter the elevator, Alex finds one of the scientists pairs of glasses and wonders what happened.
    Madelyne, noticing the scientists are now part of the demonic mural in the elevator, dismisses their abrupt departure
    and the two are soon teleported back to Australia by Gateway.
    When Alex tries to spend more time with Madelyne, she decides to have some alone time and is teleported away by Gateway.
    Realizing she's upset, Alex thinks he can come up with a way to help her and rushes towards the X-Men's base.

    Madelyne, having adopted her Goblin Queen persona has come to Bard College where she finds the grave of Jean Grey.
    She is angry that her husband Scott Summers supposedly got over his love of Jean when they married and angrily destroys Jean's tomb stone.
    Coincidentally, Jean's parents John and Elaine had come to the grave site and mistaking Madelyne for Jean,
    they are easily overpowered and transformed into demons, something she finds incredibly funny.
    When N'Astirh joins her, she demands that he bring her to her son otherwise face her wraith.
    N'Astirh complies and the four beings are teleported away.

    Back in Australia, Rogue has taken to wearing some of Dazzler's clothing and trying to teach Longshot how to roller skate.
    When Dazzler jealously confronts her, she upsets Longshot when she suggests that he is her own private property,
    not realizing that while she loves Longshot he only regards her as a friend.
    Seen on the monitors by Alex, he comments to himself how Longshot should be careful with Dazzler's feelings.
    Using the devices, Alex manages to track down the Marauders.
    When he realizes that Wolverine and Storm have sneaked up on him,
    he tells the two that he has tracked the Marauders to the Alley where they had originally slaughtered the Morlocks.

    Meanwhile, N'Astirh has teleported the Goblin Queen to a complex below an orphanage in Nebraska
    where she finds a device similar to the Creche she saw in Genosha.
    Wondering what it is, she gets a vision that suggests that she was grown in there.
    When she looks at the plaque she finds that the experiment inside was called "Madelyne".

    While in the Alley below Manhattan, the Marauders are settling into their new headquarters

    when Blockbuster runs into the X-Men down one of the darkened alleys.
    He is knocked flat by Colossus, starting the X-Men's ambush on the group.

    The X-Men are out for blood and attack savagely, taking the Marauders by surprise.
    In the confusion of battle, Blockbuster is surprised when the wall behind him suddenly comes to life and swallows him whole.
    The battle takes another turn when Polaris uses her powers so snare Colossus and she gets into a "tug" of war with Storm,
    who pits her wind generating power against Polaris' magnetic abilities -- the loser would be pummeled to death by Colossus's body.
    However Polaris turns the tables by causing Colossus to smash through the top of the tunnel allowing the Marauders to escape to the surface above.
    When the X-Men follow after them both groups are shocked to see the entire city has undergone some transformation.

    Back in Nebraska, the Goblin Queen is furious over the lack of answers that N'Astirh has provided
    when they are both confronted by Mr. Sinister who tells Madelyne that he is her father.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
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    I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

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