@Silver Fang
'But on the plus, I have a LEGO OTP that happened.'

lol i don't understand what i'm looking at.

'For me, Birdy was just an abusive relationship where Creed used her to his own ends. I just never saw more to it than that.'

Yeah i have to admit i was mostly thinking the same, just wanted to hear your thoughts on it.
But as you said nothing came of it, its just that compared to the stuff you see in comics today, it shows that there's a real contrast to the sort of relationships we have in our books now than compared to before. I won't lie i found their relationship interesting, it reminded me of Joker and Harley's. Now we have mostly have Mystique and Sabretooth in a role reversal of that, which i can sort of see as karma for Sabretooth lol except Sabretooth continued to get shat on for years after.

'According to Bunn, Creed & Monet were in love'

I was surprised that Pak even knew of Creed & Monet, i mean, it getting brought up counts for something lol even though it went nowhere. People forget bigger things about Creed like his fighting prowess or intelligence so i guess that says something..

By the way, what would you think of a Logan/Kitty/Jubilee relationship for Sabretooth, who would you pick, doesn't have to be a mutant.