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As Erik Larsen (who didn't like the marriage) pointed out:

"The biggest problem — in the future — would be that it would be hard to play some of these same notes again; that "Aunt May is too fragile to handle the truth about Peter being Spider-Man" or that "Peter needs to protect his secret identity in order to protect his loved ones" when we've seen both of those played out in print. In the latest issue -- out this week -- there's a bad guy who is on the trail of figuring out who Spider-Man is. How much suspense is there when, just two weeks ago, Spider-Man's identity being public knowledge was the status quo? After the marriage and the efforts made to undo it, why should we, as readers, believe any relationship he has in the future will ever lead to him getting married again? They're pretty much told the readers that Peter's life is never going to progress past a certain point."

OMD isn't the illusion of change...it's the end of change. It means that Peter Parker is trapped forever in the Truman Show...only it's worse. Truman eventually got out, but Peter never will. So it's like the end of Terry Gilliam's Brazil, Peter is basically in some dream simulation of groundhog day-like loops and he can never get out. So it makes the entire story depressing no matter what the writers behind it do. 616 Continuity is tainted forever thanks to OMD.

Except that's a bold-faced lie. There are at very least 911 issues published overall in Spider-Man's 616 continuity showing Peter and MJ in a relationship, and 810 Issues, the vast majority shows them as a married couple. In terms of content, volume, material, and sales, the marriage did not lock the book into any particular kind of story. Again this is Post-Internet...Peter and Mary Jane are the greatest and best documented love story in the comics. There's way more stories showing them together than as a romance, far more so than Lois and Clark (who only got married and in relationship in the Post-Crisis era and that's far shorter than Peter and MJ). We already know that this relationship worked, that it doesn't stop Spider-Man from being Spider-Man and so on. Most Spider-Man and MJ content, in both 616 and AU is them being married and not unmarried.

Except the ones where Peter and MJ are married. Except that. The Post-OMIT lie that all the stories happened with them being single simply doesn't make sense. A marriage is an entirely different emotional commitment by its very nature. And JMD himself said Kraven's Last Hunt simply would not have the emotional impact it did without the marriage.

Exactly...Mephisto does not belong in any Spider-Man story. The only reason for him to be there Post-OMD is to remind everyone about OMD...so let's drop this faux-naive, his appearance in Miles' story has nothing to do with OMD or there's an actual story here
No offense, but that sounds intensely dramatic.
No, OMD is not the "end of change." It's another story that regresses a character, yes, but you can say the same for Batman after Final Crisis and Return of Bruce Wayne, Superman when he came back, and so many more. Marriage, life, death...none of these characters will progress past a certain point. It's the way it is. I don't quite like it myself, but I've made peace with it. But to say one story solidified the end of that change is just...bizarre. Peter was literally the same age as he was when he first married Mary Jane twenty years prior to OMD, but someone OMD was the end?