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    Default Warren Worthington: (Arch)Angel Appreciation 2019

    Welcome to Warren Worthington, aka Angel, aka Archangel's new appreciation thread. Have a miserable 2019 . Unless you want to post some pictures of Archangel in this thread. Then I wish you a happy new year.

    Just for a basic description, Angel is one of the original X-Men. His powers include flight, enhanced healing, and enhanced eyesight. At one time he also had a magic sword.

    Warren started off as a happy-go lucky narcissist and rich playboy. Than he was lucky enough to be severely injured in the Morlock Massacre while a member of X-Factor . His injuries would lead to Warren having his wings amputated. Depressed at having lost his wings, and being under the influence of some kind of brainwashing, Angel would turn to Apocalypse to regain his ability to fly. Apocalypse would turn Warren into one of his Four Horseman: Death. Apocalypse gave Angel great new T O metal wings. The wings fly faster, are razor sharp , and they can shoot metal feather blades that are coated with a neurotoxin that paralyzes their targets. Angel would eventually break free of Apocalypse's control, take the new name Archangel, and eventually rejoin X-Factor, and later the X-Men.

    Warren has been in relationships with Candy Southern, Charlotte Jones, Psylocke, Husk, and X-23. Maybe some others as well if I am forgetting someone. EDIT: I did forget someone: Ichisume, the evil Japanese woman who Warren actually had children with.

    There. I was going to write a bigger summery of Warren's history, but I'm just too lazy, and I just want to post about Warren again without getting into pages of Angel's backstory. I hope that this summery will do.

    Favorite topics of discussion in Archangel's previous thread included:

    1) What kind of new stories would you like to see Warren appear in.
    2) What is your favorite genre of stories for Angel
    3) Should Angel have feathered wings, the metal T O wings, energy wings, or Black Vortex fire wings. I say that the metal wings are the best.
    4) Which characters would you like to see Archangel interact with more often.
    5) Is it time for the Archangel/Psylocke romance to finally die? And if it should die, what lucky lady should Warren date.
    6) Should Angel leave the X-comics? And if he does leave the X-Men books, where should he end up?

    There we go Angel/Archangel fans. We can discuss these or any other topics you find interesting.
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