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    I hope that they do address that, if only for it having the potential for good stories and character development. Wouldn't blame them if they just sweep it under the rug though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LordUltimus View Post
    I wonder if they'll remember she actually killed and maimed people during her time as a crime lord.
    I'm going to guess they will probably sweep a lot of the really dark stuff she did under the rug. I do hope though that at least part of the run is her having to face some of the people she wronged during her crime boss run.

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    Great news! Jed MacKay is a cool up-and-coming writer - his Man Without Fear Daredevil mini was really excellent, his work with Spider-Punk was righteous and the digital-first Daughters of the Dragon mini was loads of fun. He has a real flair for character voices so I'm sure his Felicia will be engaging and entertaining.

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