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    Default The Ford Awakens: A "Han Lives" Edit of The Force Awakens

    I frequent fanediting communities and read on Original someone is doing a fanedit of The Force Awakens where Han survives the whole film.

    I've read the intended timeline and some of the changes are quite radical, they include:

    -Leia sensing the Starkiller's attack on the republic (this isn't really anything new, I've seen SW edits on OT that have done this)
    -R2 awakens when BB8 first finds him
    -Kylo never unmasks nor confronts Han
    -No lightsaber duel with Kylo, Rey, or Finn.
    -Planets Daquar and Tokondana are now the same world

    Not sure how this will all mesh. A friend of mine at said he's volunteered to view the workprint.

    I've already seen the anti-cringe cut of Last Jedi where Leia dies and Luke lives, so eh, might as well complete the trinity.
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