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    Seems relevant to this discussion. DC is now offering a lot more books - weirdly a lot more than what is offered on DC Universe - to Comixology Unlimited. Expanding the digital footprint considerably.

    I think it's probably beyond the EIC role, but I'd look to actually partnering with Amazon on creating a comic-centric tablet in the area of their Kindle Fire's that has a screen size and format optimized for comic book reading and comes loaded with a year of access to Comixology and DC Universe along with Prime. Really expand the digital footprint. iPads are cost-prohibitive, but a tablet in the $75-125 range is a different story. My LCS gets a cut of the digital books I buy. They need to find a way to work that out. Sell the tablets through the shops maybe. Sadly, the LCS needs to evolve or die.

    I'd also greatly expand the Ink and Zoom imprints. Bring in all kinds of stories. Get that Lois Lane Girl Reporter launched in that line. That was a pitch way ahead of its time. Get Raina Telamacher to come in and write a young adult story in the vein of Sisters, etc. Just back the WB money truck up to her house and give her whatever property she wants. Make sure no editor associated with DC Comics comes within 100 feet of her or her book at all times and have someone on staff to slap anyone who complains about continuity. Collect series like Super Sons for the Scholastic format and keep books like that humming along monthly to generate the Scholastic trade like they do with Ms. Marvel and Moon Girl. Who cares if it sells below 20K if you can pull in kids at book fairs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ascended View Post
    While I don't think investing in the LCS is the top choice, I do agree it should be done as a perfectly valid secondary path. Digital might be the prime mover in the future but you never put all your eggs in one basket, and new readers are new readers regardless of how you get them. Everything is trending into online purchases, but print (as a whole) does seem to be leveling off and stopping the decline in several markets.

    Another problem with helping the LCS bring in new fans is that DC doesn't have a lot of control there. We've all heard the horror stories about shops that refused to order books based on one stupid and/or offensive reason or another, or drove away customers for the same. Shops like that aren't likely going to be very successful at bringing in a newer, younger audience and DC couldn't do much to change that.
    When I said "investing" I didn't mean money (that's tricky in any case due to the business structure of most LCSs), more in giving them market research, helping them with worthwhile campaigns (not Batman #50), expand their regular communication with the stores to include how different LCSs manage to reach new readers, and so on.

    In other words, help the already good stores get better, point out areas where struggling stores can improve, and let the bad stores fall by the wayside.

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