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    Default Osiris Club Appearances

    As the pages of Hellboy near their final conclusion I find it remarkable how many story threads that were introduced over the last 25 years have been tied up or at least addressed in the final arc, The Devil You Know.

    The thread I have become increasingly interested in is the Osiris club. The group has had at least one appearance I can think of in TDYK. I figure it will play a part or at least the thread will be tied up.

    All this said I want to go back and reread all their parts to think about their predictions and how they might fit into the events unfolding in these last few issues, sniffle, sniffle.

    I remembered and was able to find one in an epilogue at the end of The Fury and I think there are bits in The Wild Hunt, but I wanted to ask if anyone could help me locate any others.

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    Comicvine has this:
    but you have to go to each comic they show and specifically click on the word "appearances" under each cover to see the specific issues they are in. The various titles they are showing would be for original stories and the various collected volumes reprinting those stories.

    The Dark Horse wiki entry unfortunately does not seem to list the various story appearances at present, and the Hellboy wiki entry also doesn't have any separate list of appearances (but does mention stories they were in).

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    Unless I’m mistaken it’s just
    Nature of the Beast
    The Wild Hunt
    The Storm and the Fury (epilogue)
    THe Devil You Know

    That’s off the top of my head.

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