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That's very nice to hear. That's how good adaptations work, they really need to look at the entire history and pick the best pieces to combine it into something fresh. I'm glad that she's looking at the entire history, and the words "core root" suggests that Marston's Priscilla Rich stories were looked at along with other. Rebirth incorporated a a bit of Priscilla into Barbara Ann and it, IMO, resulted in a much stronger character than the two have been individually. I'm sure Rucka's and Perez's takes were looked at as well.
We'll have to see, but given what Jenkins managed to do with Steve Trevor and Etta Candy, I think we might get a very interesting and compelling Cheetah, no matter which pieces of the character she chooses to incorporate.

But given that the film is set in 1984, and current Barbara Ann Minerva is an archeologist, I wouldn't be surprised if we get some callbacks to Indiana Jones. I'm more than fine with that.