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    A time traveling, intergalactic, dimension hopping, multiverse-spanning odyssey featuring Wonder Woman, She-Ra, Cheetara, Red Sonja, & Princess Leia would get my money. Throw in cameo's by Octavia of the Tigersharks, and Steelheart of the Silverhawks too?

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    I would like to see Wonder Woman crossover with the Avatar-verse. Both Aang and Korra would work great with Diana so either time period is fine with me. If it was with Aang, it would be interesting to see what Wonder Woman thinks of his world. I can see her being impressed with the Kiyoshi Warriors. It would be interesting also to see how the Fire Nation would interact with the Amazons and Themyscira.

    If she crossed over with Korra, I think the two would relate very well with one another. Wonder Woman would definitely see Korra's warrior spirit. I'd also be interested in seeing what the Red Lotus would think of Queen Hippolyta, since they are not exactly fans of monarchies. Wonder Woman defending Republic City from Kuvira's forces and the giant mecha would be cool too.

    We are the Dora Milaje. We are the daughters of the 18 tribes of Wakanda. We are the teeth of the Panther God. Out of 10,000 years of sweat and bloodshed and battle are we born. We are the women of this ancient land. Deadliest of the species. And our time has come!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope89 View Post
    On the lower end, things would be fine. But in Gargoyles, Oberon is basically the head honcho while Zeus is over in Wonder Woman.
    Okay, what's the issue there?

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