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    Quote Originally Posted by Koriand'r View Post
    Me too. It's my favorite, followed by the New 52, the armor from her miniseries, then the current one. The Christmas sweater was the worst, but I'm not a fan of the pedestrian Wal-Mart active wear "costumes" either.
    My ABSOLUTE!!!! Favorite was the REBIRTH TITANS OF TOMORROW Costume!!
    I didnt like that she had the skirt type, I would have prefered the hotpants Diana style, but it was perfect otherwise...
    The Tiara,her look etc.

    I liked the costume was during Sins of Youth, she and Diana changed ages, so Diana was transformed into a teenager and Cassie was transformed into an adult...
    I really liked the adult Cassie wearing DIANAS Outfit....she then also took on Donnas Red-yellow stars outfi, but I liked he blonde,short hair Cassie in the Diana Outfit...

    I would love to see a Cassie/Conner Re-Union using Titans of Tomorrow Cassie and Titans of Tomorrow Conner as kind of Basis...
    Cassie in a costume like Artemis was wearing during Requiem or as Wonder Woman....
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    by Aaron Lopresti

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