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    Default DC Animated Series Favorite To Least Favorite

    DC Animated Series Favorite To Least Favorite.

    Sorry if this topic has been done already.

    I decided to post my favorite to least favorite DC Animated Series. Remember that this is my opinion so please no mean comments.

    1. Batman: The Animated Series + The New Batman Adventures.

    This is my favorite DC Animated Series of all time. I loved the stories of this series and the Art Deco design of Gotham City. I also thought Season 4 was great too even though some others did not like it because of the revamp designs. The voice acting was great too.

    2. Superman: The Animated Series.

    Just like Batman: The Animated Series, I love the stories and voice acting in this show. I loved the pseudo future-past ocean liner Deco design of Metropolis. This show started great and ended great.

    3. Justice League + Justice League Unlimited.

    It started slow with Season 1, but the show got really great with Season 2 and Unlimited. I loved all the characters in this show, and all the team ups especially in Unlimited where they had lots of heroes.

    4. Batman Beyond.

    I really enjoyed this show, with its futuristic Gotham City, the characters and the stories. I loved the sci fi cyberpunk feel of the show. I liked Terry as Batman as well.

    5. Teen Titans.

    My favorite non DC Animated Universe series. I enjoyed the anime feel of this show and Robin is my favorite character here. I liked how this series can be funny yet serious at the same time. My favorite teen superhero cartoon.

    6. Static Shock.

    I love the songs of this show. My favorite episodes of this series is when Static teamed up with the other superheroes. Just like Teen Titans, it knew how to be funny yet serious at the same time.

    7. Young Justice.

    I loved all the characters and stories in this show, and how many of my favorite characters all appeared in the same series.

    8. Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

    Another great series by Bruce Timm. Just like his work on the DC Animated Universe, Bruce Timm did a great job with Green Lantern. If this show wasn't cancelled, I probably would have listed this higher because I liked the direction this show was taking.

    9. The Zeta Project.

    This is my least favorite DC Animated Universe show, but I still liked the plot of this show. Just like Green Lantern, I probably would have listed this higher if it wasn't cancelled.

    10. Superfriends.

    My favorite DC show that existed before the DC Animated Universe. I loved Hanna-Barbera's take on the Justice League but not as much as Bruce Timm's take.

    11. Batman: The Brave and The Bold.

    I like how this series reminds me of the Adam West Batman TV Show. This is my favorite non DC Animated Universe Batman cartoon. I loved the funny parts of this show.

    12. Justice League Action.

    Not as good as Justice League + Justice League Unlimited, but still a good Justice League show. I liked the humor in this show.

    13. Legion of Superheroes

    It has been a long time since I have seen this, but from what I remember, it was a good show.

    14. The Batman.

    Not as good as the other Batman cartoons above, but still a decent show. I loved how he teamed up with other superheroes in the last season though.

    15. Beware The Batman.

    My least favorite Batman cartoon, and probably still would be even if it wasn't cancelled. To me it just felt like a different show really.

    16. Teen Titans Go!

    My least favorite DC Animated Series. I really have nothing to say about this series.

    These are my favorite to least favorite DC Animated shows that I have seen so far.

    So what are your favorite to least favorite DC Animated Series and explain why.
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