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    Default A question about The Question

    I am looking for some comics where The Question was featured. Has he had his own series ever? Can anyone give me a heads up on where to look for some good question stories?

    Thanks for your time.
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    For many, the quintessential Question was Dennis O'Neil's and Denys Cowan's run in the late 80's/early 90's. It was 36 issues, and collected across 6 trades that are unfortunately out of print. If you're game for a good treasure hunt, you can track down the single issues (most of which are in bargain bins). There's been a handful of one-shots and mini series over the years, but nothing as good as the O'Neil & Cowan book, imho.

    In the early 00's, Greg Rucka made Renee Montoya of GCPD fame the new Question, but her appearances (while good reading) were sporadic.
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    I'm a big believer in starting with the source. There are some collected editions of The Blue Beetle that show The Question's first appearances at the hand of his creator, Steve Ditko. Just search Amazon for "Ditko the Question." IMO, nobody ever did him better.

    Be warned, in his original incarnation, he's something of a bleak figure.

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    Agreed on the O'Neil run. I also enjoyed the "urban shaman" take of the mini series that followed a few years later. If you're looking for some interesting one-offs, there were a pair of DC Ted Kord Blue Beetle issues (I want to say 5&6? 4&5?) that were Sage's first post-Crisis appearances. Those still carried a lot of the vibe of the character from his Charlton/Ditko days.

    Personally, I'd avoid any Montoya-as-Question issues. Just my opinion, of course, but I always viewed Montoya becoming the Question as a feeble attempt to prolong Montoya's relevance in the DCU after GCPD was cancelled. It sacrificed a couple great characters in order to fit a square peg into a round hole.

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    Most people recommend the Question series by O'Neil but I also thought the Vietch miniseries was a cool take on the character. I never got around to reading the Montoya Question stuff but I enjoyed her arc in 52.

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    Vic was also featured in that "L.A.W." mini series, but I would avoid that if you come across it. It is ... not good.

    If you can, you should also watch the JLU cartoon episodes featuring The Question - "Question Authority" and "Double Date" are two of the best episodes in that entire series, imo. He's more of the conspiracy theorist there - yet another take on ol' Vic. He's an ever evolving person.

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