1) Logan- Best Marvel movie ever, 2nd best comic movie behind TDK
2) X-Men First Class
3) The Wolverine- I know I am in the minority on this one but I really loved this movie other than how it handled silver samurai at the end but I thought 95 percent of this movie was brilliant
4) Xmen- Days of Future Past
5) X-men
6) Deadpool- Really fun movie- Would be higher on the list but the movies go from being brilliant at times to stupid because the writers are trying so hard to "earn" the r rating
7) Deadpool 2- Same as deadpool- really enjoyable but weighed down by it's dependence on gross out humor and cussing even in places where it makes no sense.
8) X-men origins: Wolverine- Gotta say I love this movie, even though I completely get why people hate on it so much, I know its a bad movie but I still enjoy it a good deal.
9) X-2- Have never understood all the love this movie gets, I mean I enjoy it but the way they absolutely sideline cyclops always angers me. Jean's Death felt really unemotional because they tried to lean heavily into the love triangle for with logan and scott but because they basically just removed scott from the film it took away from the impact of the ending.
10)X-men apocalypse- how a movie made in 2016 with the budget they had and the CG available, made the most powerful x-men villain look like a mid 90's power rangers villain is beyond me. That nobody during the production process looked at apocalypse and said " this doesn't look good" is unbelievable.
11) X3- One of the worst comic movies ever. Botched every thread from the first two films, meaninglessly killed off characters in an effort to try to come across as the "epic conclusion" . Overall just a horrible film. Only silver lining is that Frazier was great as beast.