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    Default 19 days left on a fundraiser to help former WW writer Messner-Loebs

    As reported back in March, William Messner-Loebs, who wrote Wonder Woman after Perez, added Artemis, had Diana free a galaxy from slavery, & wrote one of the coolest Circe-Ares story lines ever, fell on hard times and he and his family became homeless.

    Michael Marcus has gotten a bunch of artists and writers to create a trade anthology called "The Unforgotten" in a fundraiser to help them out, and there are 19 days left to participate. They're about 64% of the way to their goal of 5,000, and you can participate for as little as $3. So skip a Starbucks latte and help a WW legend out!

    The link to the fundraiser is here; the link to the article from which I learned about it is here.
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