Dustbowl, a steampunk-driven story of one man's mission to complete 'the job' is available as a free, downloadable comic!

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Hamilton Vurse.


written by Luke Merrifield & Russell Petch.

Set during the turn of the twentieth century in the mid west of America in a fictional town of Morrison City in the province of Dustbowl, the world is run by the advances in technology where steam and clockwork machinery and gadgetry have advanced to a stage where electricity has been passed over. Science is excelling within certain areas and new developments within all facets of human development make this an exciting and dangerous time to be alive.

Hamilton Vurse is a down and out man who has to make a living of collecting the debts of those who control the dark lower streets and alley ways of Morrison City and the small industry towns around. A small fish in a very big pond.