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    Quote Originally Posted by Arctic Cyclist View Post
    Since they appear to be cave dwelling bats, not ones that roost in trees or on cliff faces, you're right. Bat species who live in caves need large colonies. Huge colonies. Many of them need non related species sharing the cave to be happy and healthy. They definitely need siblings to squabble with.

    I think my favorite thing about some of the bat research in the last ten years (actually all of the discoveries keep making my list of favorite things, bats are fantastic creatures, yes, all 1,300+ species of bats) is that most of the vocalizations of the common little brown bat is siblings fighting for space and siblings calling for each other...then fighting for space once they find each other. And it's not just the common little brown bat, apparently most cave dwelling bats can't sleep until their family members are accounted for and there's squabbling.

    Big and confusing works for me, since bats need friends and families for the most part, especially male bats.

    I absolutely refuse to accept that Bruce is one of the eighteen confirmed monogamous species of bats. He's polyandrous.

    Li'l Gotham is the version of the Batfamily I accept...although I can't remember if Cass was in it. If she wasn't than it's Li'l Gotham plus Cass is my favorite version of the Batfamily. Pretty sure she's in it though, as they managed to get Spoiler in.
    Cass was in li'l Gotham

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    Lil' Gotham is my favorite, too.

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