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This is also just wild. Blade is the top trending thing on twitter and the movie announcement was at the top of reddit for a bit. I don't think Blade has every received this much attention, even when his movies were coming out. After the bump Black Panther got, I really think we're going to see a radical shift for the character. Multiple books, multiple features in MCU movies (he'll definitely be in Dr. Strange 2, for instance).

It's good that Blade is in Avengers with Strikeforce on the horizon, but when do you guys think they put out his solo series now?
Hmmm... I think it might be a bit early.

Give Aarons Avenger run and Strike Force a bit of time to raise his profile and maybe use him more in a couple big events so that people will perceive him as more of an important character.

I definately think there should be some material on the shelves before the movie comes out ... but I still think there's a bit of time to try and raise his stock a bit so that the solo book will have a better chance of attracting an audience.