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    Quote Originally Posted by grampagen View Post
    Are you talking about the...


    ...the Soulnado?

    Because that required very specific elements of the MK setting coming together in some manner involving Outworld and Earthrealm's dimensions intersecting.
    Yeah I think that's the one. Thanks for specifying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nik Hasta View Post
    I mean, this goes super badly.

    Like... the MK dudes are not remotely ready for what Konoha can dish out.

    I mean, if collateral damage wasn't a factor, Naruto or Sasuke could solo this themselves with insulting ease. As such, they can't break out their larger more destructive jutsu without damaging the city.

    Do they start inside or outside?
    Collateral Damage isn't much of a factor for Naruto, since just one Kagebunshin will result in him being an entire army, whose every member has stats that are mostly higher than Shao Khan's.

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    At first thought I thought Kahn would be too much for them, but then I remember that Liu Kang officially punched a hole through him. So there goes that. He has been shown to rip a soul from one's body, but it was only one time. Also he did win Armageddon. But we dont know how powerful that made him as the timeline got reset after. The thing about Shao Kahn is that he has a lot of informed abilities. We hear how powerful he is but we rarely see it. Naruto and or Sasuke should be able to handle him no problem

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    Quote Originally Posted by choptop View Post
    He needed Sindel and Quan chi to do that.
    Actually, in the original timeline, he didn't. In the original timeline, Shang Tsung resurrected Queen Sindel on Earth, which enabled him to cross into Earthrealm THEN steal all of Earth's souls (with the exceptions of the Chosen Warriors).

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