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    I guess it is my fault for expecting too much from this. What I liked about young Justice was that it did not just start with a large cast but slowly grew. I would have liked if the team had a build-up not cramming all of them in the first issue. I wish Conner was not introduced like this. I would have preferred if he was the last character to join after the other try to bring him out of Limbo. But, beggars can't be choosers. Will give this a chance like I gave New 52 titans and Superboy a chance.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jackalope89 View Post
    Actually, Tim was given back his pre-Flashpoint origin in Detective Comics Rebirth. It was when he ran into his older self from the future. So, that's one thing Bendis didn't do.
    That tim still didn't know Conner even after his origin was put back. Hoping YJ will clear things up. Tec gave us an altered version of Tim's original origin, told us he has been with the family 3 years same as Damian which doesn't gel. I hope bendis is going to give us something that makes sense f the current shambles.

    I always thought the old YJ was cheesy as hell [before my time] The art this time is better but the story is lacking. It's early days yet I'm cutting it slack
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    See for me this felt great. And I think slow down will happen in the next few issues. Hoping to explain Tim, my guess something while he was with steph. Maybe that brought him to metropolis to find kon because he recalled him while with steph and she told him to go find out.

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    I'm thinking an early theme is going to be focusing on each character's past in an issue, and each past is going to feature a key piece of information of the "shocking reveal" variety. I think this is quite likely where we find out about how Tim remembers Conner.
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