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    Quote Originally Posted by Arachne View Post
    ... double (or triple) Dani is the best...
    No doubt, talk about 0 to 60, I'm...

    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post

    Cover by DAVID YARDIN
    VARIANT COVER BY John Tyler Christopher

    The War of the Realms has come to Midgard…and Westchester! Malekith’s forces are invading Earth, and the heroes of Earth are joining with the heroes of Asgard to fight them back! Who better to lead the X-Men into that war than their very own Valkyrie, Dani Moonstar?
    Quote Originally Posted by mogwen View Post
    beautiful cover! Dani looks fierce and focused at the same time. ...
    It really is, the best I've seen of her from the comics, in a while. Lovin' EVERYthing about this, tho, to be sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arachne View Post
    ... as long as her death sense was revealed to have a different origin, I'd be happy if they got rid of her Asgard ties all together. ...
    Same, I'd prefer her just being a Mutant again.
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    I forgot to mention this yesterday. I think that his is great news for Dani, and the other New Mutants involved in this story. I've been really enjoying Aaron's Thor run, and the lead up to War of the Realms has been terrific, in my opinion. The general opinion on Aaron's Thor seems to be a little more divided among Thor fans on CBR's Marvel forum, though.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arachne View Post
    You clearly have more faith in Marvel to pull something like this off than I do.

    I just want Dani back to her pre-M-day self. For that matter, as long as her death sense was revealed to have a different origin, I'd be happy if they got rid of her Asgard ties all together. I used to love the connection, but these days it just seems like baggage.
    I think that I would prefer for Dani to lose her Valkyrie powers also. I like Asgard well enough, but I think that Dani's real home should be with the X-books.

    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post
    Asgardian Wars by Claremont is the only Asgardian NM story I liked. The year they spent there later in the run was god awful

    Like I said earlier in my post, I think that Thor has been a really good comic lately. I know that War of the Realms will be a crossover with multiple writers, but I'm pretty confidant in where this story is going.

    I only hesitate to recommend this comic because everyone has different views on what's a good story, and I don't like to tell people how to spend their money just in case they come away displeased with the crossover, and how much they spent on it.
    Hopefully, the New Mutants part will be self contained, just so readers who are only interested in the New Mutants wont have to spend money on a character or comic. that they may not typically like.

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    I LOVE Valkyrie Dani, but if the Thor books weren't smart enough to use her extensively while she was in X-Limbo then might as well just make her a mutant or keep her as the most badass ex-mutant ever.

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    Hello, if you see my posts on the board, you'll learn quickly that I'm not found of the 90's at Marvel.
    But in this avalanche of shoulderpads and Jim Lee clones, one of the few things I liked were Dani's psychic arrows!
    It's the bridge for me between Dani's telepathy and her cheyenne background.
    One of the things I'd like is for Dani and Karma to become better (and why not one day full-fledged) telepaths. It seems like a natural evolution of their powers.
    The pity with the former new mutants is that, while a lot of mutants evolve, get secondary mutations or become Omega, Sigma, whatever level, this generation seems almost frozen in time.
    I hope the writers at Marvel give Dani and her generation the place they deserve.

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