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    I'd like something to offset the grandeur and fantastical adventures she has as WW. Maybe something where she can help at ground level. I'd still like her to have something to do with education, though. While I'm not really a fan of her being a teacher, maybe a public librarian? There she'd be able to help and help educate regular people every day when she's not out there fighting mad gods or medusas. I really like that dichotomy, quite frankly.
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    I like what she does in the movie, though we've only gotten a brief glimpse of it. She would find artifacts and restore them for the public, and the more dangerous weapons/artifacts she makes sure no one can get their hands on them. Merge Diana with a bit of Lara Croft/Indiana Jones. She can be a professor possibly like Indy.
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    One idea that amused me quite a lot was having WW fight an opponent who was literally something someone dug up in a tomb. Of course part of what amused me about that was that there's a big difference between knowing Greek stuff and Egyptian stuff, and this lady they dug up was Egyptian.

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