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Anyone got any thoughts on my Circe origin idea posted above?

My idea for a Circe story. Remember the part in the Odyssey where Odysseus and his men stumble across Circe's island and get turned into animals? I'd add a twist to that. Odysseus and his men do find the island but instead are given shelter and food by Circe who has no ill intentions toward them. However, Odysseus drugs Circe and robs her home and kills her daughter Lyra. On their way, some of Odysseus' men consume a plant that was on Circe's island which turns them into beasts and kill some of the men who weren't turned. This betrayal by Odysseus as well as the following slander would be what sets Circe on a path to darkness. She'd also try to appeal to the Amazons as both are women who've been shunned and slandered by the world if men.
Hmm... one interesting note from the legends is that Circe had a daughter named Cassiphone who was NOT Odysseus'. Although, in the myths Cassiphone is far from a helpless damsel as she avenges Circe's death. But in a story where Circe lives, a role reversal would make sense.