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    Agree with all about how good this issue was.
    Some enterprising fan with too much time on their hands need to do a Criminal/Lawless timeline for all of us who can't remember everything.
    There came a time when the Old Gods died! The Brave died with the Cunning! The Noble perished locked in battle with unleashed Evil! It was the last day for them! An ancient era was passing in fiery holocaust!

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    My guess is that somehow tommy gets distracted and shoots teeg, I don't think it was intentional. Tommy was convicted of the killing. I'm guessing other factors include previous mention of both leo and ricky being covered in teeg's blood. I think an altercation is occurring (maybe with farraday, tommy and teeg) the same time that leo and ricky enter the room when the shotgun goes off.

    or perhaps tommy just took the heat for the killin' to protect leo or ricky who was actually behind the trigger..
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    Ah, Kirby101, that'd be blissful. My humble thanks in advance to any so-inclined to do so, to create such a time line.
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    I'm rereading Coward and Leo notes Tommy was convicted for killing Teeg Lawless. So I'm feeling he takes the fall for Leo.
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    Quote Originally Posted by the illustrious mr. kenway View Post
    I'm rereading Coward and Leo notes Tommy was convicted for killing Teeg Lawless. So I'm think he takes the fall for Leo.
    It gets a mention again later on.

    Since this particular cat is wiggling it's way out of the bag, Tracy and Leo also discuss it in : Lawless. While it is sort of "Up In The Air...", they discuss it.

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