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    Default The Wonder Woman Golden Age Reread

    I have participated in reading circles in several different fannish groups (both online and meatspace), and they are often interesting and fun. One great variant is a shared rereading of a book or series, so why not try something similar?

    Since the omnibus Wonder Woman—The Golden Age is readily available in volume 1 and 2, why not start there, at the very beginning?

    We read one issue/story per week and discuss it, with discussion starting on Saturdays. Most Golden Age stories are rather short, so we could likely speed up the tempo, but part of the fun is to have the opportunity to do a close read and discussion in depth.

    The contents of "Wonder Women—The Golden Age volume 1" for those following via individual issues, together with the schedule (I will edit that as needed).

    Schedule; the current discussion in bold, the coming discussion in italics.

    19 January: All Star Comics #8: "Introducing Wonder Woman"
    26 January: Sensation Comics #1: "Wonder Woman Comes to America"
    2 February: Sensation Comics #2: "Dr. Poison"
    9 February: Sensation Comics #3: "A Spy at the Office"
    16 February: Sensation Comics #4: "School for Spies"
    23 February: Sensation Comics #5: "Wonder Woman Versus the Saboteurs"
    2 March: Sensation Comics #6: "Summons to Paradise"
    9 March: Sensation Comics #7: "The Milk Swindle"
    16 March: Sensation Comics #8: "Department Store Perfidy"
    23 March: Sensation Comics #9: "The Return of Diana Prince"
    30 March: Wonder Woman #1: "Who is Wonder Woman" & "The Origin of Wonder Woman"
    6 April: Wonder Woman #1: "Wonder Woman Goes to the Circus"
    13 April: Wonder Woman #1: "Wonder Woman Versus the Prison Spy Ring"
    20 April: Wonder Woman #1: "The Greatest Feat of Daring in Human History"
    27 April: Sensation Comics #10: "The Railroad Plot"
    4 May: Sensation Comics #11: "Mission to Planet Eros"
    11 May: Sensation Comics #12: "America's Guardian"
    18 May: Wonder Woman #2: "The God of War" & "Mars, the God of War"
    25 May: Wonder Woman #2: "The Earl of Greed"
    1 June: Wonder Woman #2: "The Duke of Deception"
    8 June: Wonder Woman #2: "The Count of Conquest" & "Wonder Woman Campaigns for War Bonds and Stamps"
    15 June: Sensation Comics #13: "Wonder Woman is Dead!"
    22 June: Sensation Comics #14: "The Story of Fir Balsam"
    29 June: Comic Cavalcade #1: "Mystery of the House of the Seven Gables"
    6 July: Wonder Woman #3: "A Spy on Paradise Island"
    13 July: Wonder Woman #3: "The Devilish Devices of Baroness von Gunther"
    20 July: Wonder Woman #3: "The Secret of Baroness von Gunther"
    27 July: Wonder Woman #3: "Ordeal of Fire"
    3 August: Sensation Comics #15: "Victory at Sea"
    10 August: Sensation Comics #16: "The Masked Menace"
    17 August: Wonder Woman #4: "Man-Hating Madness"
    24 August: Wonder Woman #4: "Mole Men of the Underworld"
    31 August: Wonder Woman #4: "The Rubber Barons"
    7 September: Wonder Woman #4: "The Treachery of Mavis"
    14 September: Sensation Comics #17: Riddle of the Talking Lions
    21 September: Comic Cavalcade #2: "Wanted by Hitler, Dead or Alive"
    28 September: Sensation Comics #18: "The Secret City of the Incas"
    5 October: Wonder Woman #5: "Battle for Womanhood"
    12 October: Wonder Woman #5: "Etta Candy and Her Holliday Girls"
    19 October: Wonder Woman #5: "Mars Invades the Moon"
    26 October: Wonder Woman #5: "The Return of Dr. Psycho"
    2 November: Sensation Comics #19: "The Unbound Amazon"
    9 November: Sensation Comics #20: "The Girl with the Gun"
    16 November: Comic Cavalcade #3: "The Invisible Invader"
    23 November: Sensation Comics #21: "War Against Society"
    30 November: Wonder Woman #6: "Wonder Woman and the Cheetah"
    7 December: Wonder Woman #6: "The Adventure of the Beauty Club"
    14 December: Wonder Woman #6: "The Conquest of Paradise"
    21 December: Sensation Comics #22: "The Secret Submarine"
    28 December: Sensation Comics #23: "War Laugh Mania"
    4 January 2020: Comic Cavalcade #4: "The Purloined Pressure Coordinator"
    11 January 2020: Sensation Comics #24: "The Adventure of the Pilotless Plane"
    18 January 2020: Wonder Woman #7: "The Adventure of the Life Vitamin"
    25 January 2020: Wonder Woman #7: "America's Wonderland of Tomorrow!"
    1 February 2020: Wonder Woman #7: "The Secret Weapon"
    8 February 2020: Wonder Woman #7: "Demon of the Depths"
    15 February 2020: Comic Cavalcade #5: "Mystery of the Crimson Flame"

    Easiest way to get all these stories is via the Wonder Woman Golden Age omnibus volumes that DC has released. Hardcover omnibus volumes 2 and 3 have come out, but softcover and digital versions are only available for the initial volume.

    HC Wonder Woman: the Golden Age Omnibus vol 1: all the stories
    Wonder Woman: The Golden Age vol 1: the scheduled stories up to and including Wonder Woman #3.
    Wonder Woman: The Golden Age vol 2: the second half of the scheduled stories, from Sensation Comics #15.

    They can probably also be ordered from your favourite comic book outlet. The latter two volumes are also available digitally from Comixology.
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    There is also the third one.

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    Astonishing Member kjn's Avatar
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    Mar 2018


    Good to know, though it isn't available on Comixology in Europe.

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    Incredible Member Fuzzy Mittens's Avatar
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    Well it sounds far more interesting than the going in circles arguments that have been a frequent thing of late. How about saturday since it gives a couple days breathing room after the latest issue?

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    Astonishing Member kjn's Avatar
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    That's why I had the poll!

    Another question is if we should make individual threads for each week, or use this thread only. I think I'd prefer a unitary thread, but have no strong feelings either way.

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    I have no strong preference either way on that. A single thread is fine so long as therese someone establishing the start of the newest reading every week

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