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    Default Buffy & Angel "Final Season" Heroes (TV Buffyverse) Vs Thanos & His Army (MCU)

    Imagine if Thanos, the Black Order & The Outriders (MCU versions) resided in the TV Buffyverse.

    They'd collected the Power, Space, Reality, Soul and Time Stones, but the heroes of the Buffyverse were in possession of the Mind Stone.

    The two groups who fought the First Evil (in Season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and the the Senior Partners and Circle of the Black Thorn (in Season 5 of Angel) come together to defend that last Infinity Stone.

    Buffy Summers
    Faith Lehane
    The Slayer Army (Kennedy, Amanda, Rona, Vi etc)
    Willow Rosenberg
    Illyria (at her most powerful, as seen on TV - no risk of exploding, for the purposes of the thread)
    Rupert Giles
    Xander Harris
    Charles Gunn
    Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
    Lindsey McDonald
    Robin Wood
    Dawn Summers
    Anya Jenkins
    Andrew Wells

    Thanos w/ Power, Space, Reality, Soul and Time Stones
    Ebony Maw
    Cull Obsidian
    Corvuis Glaive
    Proxima Midnight
    The Outriders

    1) Bloodlusted in Khazan.
    2) No prep. The Buffyverse team are gathered in Sunnydale when Thanos and his army arrive, in character.
    3) The Buffyverse side has a week to prepare and the fight takes place, in character, across the streets of Sunnydale.

    How goes it?

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    1) Team Thanos stomps. Only two people worth a damn on the Buffy side are Illyria and Willow, and I'm not convinced they have what it takes to stop Thanos with all those gems. He basically has all their powers but with Hulk + physical stats. Not enough slayers to not be overrun by the Outrider army, with Ebony Maw wandering around casually decapitating people like Buffy, Angel, Spike etc with TK. Obsidian, Glaive and Midnight just have fun. Andrew, Anya, Dawn, Robin, Wesley, Gunn and Xander die quiiiiick.

    2) Thanos spams Sunnydale with the actual moon before sending in his team to clean up, and he's always there to deal with Illyria.

    3) Buffyverse might do some neat stuff with Willow magic, but I still don't see them winning. Too many outriders, too few superhuman people on the Buffy side.

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    this is thanos' fight to win. the only ones who matter are willow and illyria and even they can't match up to the shit that big T and his gang can throw out.

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    Ebony Maw alone would be a boss fight for the Scoobies and allies.

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