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    Default Meliodas, Diane and The Seven Deadly Sins vs The Straw Hat Pirates (+ Ace)

    The Straw Hat Pirates with a resurrected Ace take on Meliodas, Diane and the Seven Deadly Sins. Which team takes this?

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    Is this present versions for all? Also, what time of day is it?

    Either way, I'm fairly sure that Raid Commander Meliodas alone is way too much for Luffy and the boys. Add Escanor, True Form Fairy King and Merlin and her magical bullshit into the mix and I'm not liking the Strawhats chances.

    Luffy would have been a good match for like... true power unlocked but not resurrected Meliodas maybe. The fact he uses cutting attacks means he gives Luffy a hard time.


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