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    Default The Doom Patrol replace the X-Men

    What would happen if the plot gods replaced the X-Men with the Doom Patrol on MU 616 Earth?

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    well they will have to get transmitters to communicate for starters instead of telepathy.
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    1. Robot Man quits the team after the 5th time he gets shredded by Magneto.
    2. Sentinels are not interested in the Doom Patrol.
    3. A lot of the early X-Men adventures were focused on interactions with newly-discovered mutants. Unless Niles Caulder becomes oddly obsessed with mutants, the Doom Patrol probably doesn't get involved.
    4. Either the Doom Patrol can't beat Juggernaut, or Negative Man easily defeats him.
    5. The Doom Patrol is finally destroyed, along with the rest of the Marvel Universe, when the M'Kraan Crystal breaks down.

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