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    Quote Originally Posted by lordozone View Post
    He is not at Richards or Doom level, but he is for me one of the lowest EQ of the Marvel Universe.
    Agreed. He's one of those guys who gets horrifically outplayed by characters with actual high EQ for most of the story, then fights his way out of the hole he's been outplayed into with martial arts and detective work made easy by his senses.

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    Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner?

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    if manipulation and knowing what people want and desires are I would put Tony up there. Doc Samson is great at both with him being a Doctor and a great inventor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Stark View Post
    if manipulation and knowing what people what and desires are I would put Tony up there. Doc Samson is great at both with him being a Doctor and a great inventor.
    I'd agree. I think it's why Reed admires him.
    Quote Originally Posted by capandkirby View Post
    I thought I couldn't love Steve Rogers any more than I already do, but here he is, eating pizza with a fork, just like I do (the only correct way to eat pizza

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    Captain America.

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    I suppose having empathic powers is a bonus then. Meggan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ichijinijisanji View Post
    Able to understand yours and others' emotions well
    Able to control and manage your emotions well
    Able to have healthy relationships.
    This is going to sound a bit unorthodox, but according to these criteria and while reading the Black Order mini, two characters stand out as having these traits - Proxima Midnight and Black Dwarf.

    In Proxima's case, granted it's really only evident in relation to Corvus. But in the mini alone, she's figured out he was depressed while they were in the middle of fighting, and tried to cheer him up by...suggesting more killing, but I think that works for them. They apparently have a very healthy and compatible relationship/marriage, but she picked up on the insecurities he was having and discussed/argued with him about how he wasn't really acknowledging the rut the team was in. Also she's on a good wavelength with Black Swan. Sometimes that wavelength is confusing, but they seem to be good friends.

    For Black Dwarf, his POV issue revealed that spoilers:
    he was also in love with Proxima
    end of spoilers at one point, but either he deferred to Corvus because he is the elder and Dwarf is more docile, or he gathered that Proxima preferred Corvus over him. Either way, in the end when Corvus approached Dwarf for advice, Dwarf gave it and willingly stood aside for them to get together. And apparently he never made it weird for all 3 of them after that, and Dwarf is happy that his brother and sis-in-law are happy. Dwarf then spoilers:
    showed interest in Black Swan
    end of spoilers which is hinted to be reciprocated, tho it's not clear if Dwarf actually picked up on this.
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