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    So some of these have finished up. They are all ending pretty much the same way. Not bad but would be nice if it always wasn't so bleak. But I guess that is the nature of Aliens etc...

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    Quote Originally Posted by crossbones View Post
    has there been any word about any additional releases post-Fire & Stone?

    this run concludes in february. then... nothing?
    Yeah, I'm kinda chomping at the bit here wondering what's next for the line.

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    Omnibus is up for pre-order @ Amazon.

    Cant wait!!!

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    Reportedly, DH had to change the plot around under directives from Fox due to plans for a Prometheus movie sequel. That may be holding up plans for other announcements for the line.

    There's still room for a followup to this event. It was a bit up and down, better than some of the franchise's other stories, worse than others.

    Some of the black goo mutations reminded me of John Carpenter's The Thing. Say, who has the comic rights to that, anyway? And Elden started reminding me of Species. Was was Elden originally more of a Blade Runner style Replicant? Throw in Terminator somehow, and it's the ultimate sci-fi crossover cluster****!

    I found the art in the Predator portion to be ugly and often hard to follow. But I did rather enjoy the odd-couple team up there.

    BTW, the Engineer didn't spoilers:
    seem to have any weapons, so how was he killing so many xenomorphs? Sure, he's strong, but c'mon, he's not Superman. And why was he alone?
    end of spoilers

    I'm surprised the whole series never showed the blueish "deacon" Xenomorph from the end of the Prometheus movie. Unless...spoilers:
    was that supposed to be what became the living mountain?
    end of spoilers

    Quote Originally Posted by havok1977 View Post

    And for some reason one of the very earliest DH Alien miniseries - now off-canon of course - featured a being with an elephant face because of that hose. Man, what speculation gets you...
    The original 'Space Jockey' in Alien looked to be nearly twice the size of the of the Engineers in Prometheus, too.
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    I've got all these comics (the complete Fire and Stone saga) sitting in a stack but haven't gotten around to reading them. Now that most of you have already read them all, would anyone care to suggest a reading order?
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    Better late than never, I read the Omega one shot over the weekend; I thought it was really good, which I found somewhat surprising given that I usually dont care for KSD's writing. There was a sense of closure, specially for Elden and the human survivors got a nihilistic yet enlightening outcome.

    The art was a standout, its a gorgeous looking book similar to Adi Granov's style and quality level.

    I hope Dark Horse follows this up with something.
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