: Cue Chou minding his business.:

“ Hmm.. I could just make that paranormal agency from a Quest, yo s to. That may work, and just use some tr-“

Cue a figure coming into reality by punching it.:

“ No one will ever play your games! But now, my game!”

Cue the figure akin to Akuma from SF, Green ki with gold trim symbols, red Akin. White super sayian style hair. Punching the Chou so hard into the sky, becomes a star.

Then he flexes his muscles, cracking Khazan in half and breaks the fourth wall.

“ I am the God Modder. Dear my Power because if you do not defeat me. I will destroy all that you love!”

Stomps his foot, alters reality sobfigabtic boxing ring.

Game: Since the Paranormal Agency “Quest” game was a absolute failure. And never to post another real rpg ever again. Made this. It’s simple.

1: God Modder can be defeated, poibtbis to try.
2: There is a time limit, if no beating, he does a Thanos and in game not reality, say goodbye to what you like.
3: It will be numbers, random dice and the more creative the attacks, better off you do things.
4: Its not going to be way as I am the Here. Just ask Cleric what that means meaning I can be quite competent in rpg combat.
5: Try to have fun.
6: When three-six People Post. I update (when I can) to deal with situation. If more than six wil keep it up. But if less than three is actually winning.
7: There is a chance (dice) if you summon canon/established people to fight for you, that they may get their own agenda and become boxed, may or may not be GM ally. But not helpful all the same.

Now then.

The God Modder just doing punches and kicks, Shadow boxing Grappler Vaki style, whom is he facing? A Jupiter Gorilla, and winning.