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    Default Golden Age Liberty Belle Appreciation Thread (2019)

    NOTE: This is a continuation of the previous "Golden Age Liberty Belle Appreciation Thread", which can be read here:If somebody wishes to start a separate appreciation thread for her daughter, Jesse Chambers (Jesse Quick / Liberty Belle II) or for Caroline Dean, a one-appearance version in Charlton's E-Man (in 1974), please feel free to do so.

    From the original thread (started back in May of 2018),

    originally from Who's Who Vol. XIII (March 1986)

    First introduced in Boy Commandos #1 (cover-dated (Winter 1942-1943), Liberty Belle was "Libby Belle Lawrence", the daughter of Major James Lawrence.

    Major Lawrence was a military attaché in Poland in 1939 when the Germans were bombing the cities there, and he was killed during one of those attacks. His daughter Libby was also there when the bombs were dropped, but escaped harm.
    She later tried to warn other countries of what he Germans did in Poland, but again and again had to flee from the attacks of Nazi Germany. When she reaches the United States, she turns to newspapers and radio to spread her message.
    And then, something interesting happens when she's in Philadelphia.

    (to be continued . . . )

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    I'd love to see a collection of GA Liberty Belle stories. It would be a great companion to the Black Canary Archive.

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