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    Is anyone here from the Philippines and watched the 2005 Darna TV series when you're younger? If so, would you like to tell me about what you think of the series?

    p.s. and if you still remember, or have an archive of it,can you tell me the synopsis of ep 59?

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    I've never seen that show before it looks pretty good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Carnotaurus Wrex View Post
    p.s. and if you still remember, or have an archive of it,can you tell me the synopsis of ep 59?
    From :

    Efren keeps telling Mark that he really thinks Darna and Narda must be connected. Mark is skeptical. He points out that Narda is awkward and always falling down. Darna, on the other hand, is graceful and can fly and defend others. He says it is Narda who needs to be defended and she always gets hurt. Efren is unconvinced. He continues thinking.

    Jun goes to the marketplace and meets with Enchang. He gives her an envelope full of money. He tells her it is not balato, but payment for Narda’s debts to her. Enchang says it is too much, but Jun says that is better so Narda won’t owe her anymore. Enchang wishes him well and he leaves. Narda arrives and the woman tells her everyone knows Jun is getting married now. Narda is happy for Jun. Enchang tells her she has news that Narda might not be so happy about. She says the girl is fired. Narda is shocked; she has not paid her debts in full yet. Enchang tells her not to mind it and she should just consider it a gift. She advises Narda to just get out of her sight.

    Carol and Jun go to their car. Jun wants to say goodbye to Narda, but Carol prevents him from doing so. She says if they must go abroad and leave everything behind, there ought to be no looking back. Jun follows hesitatingly.

    Alice tells Narda that she should now go look for a better job. Narda says this is good since she will have more time for her family and other things. She secretly wants to find her father.

    Valentina learns from Alice that Narda and Efren are now engaged. Valentina doesn’t get it because she just overheard Efren telling Mark he and Narda seem to be through.

    Iking and Lenlen tell Narda they can help Darna in her fight against evil. They show Lenlen’s power. Narda says they do not even know where Molecula is, but Lenlen is able to find her in her mind.

    Louella is held hostage by Molecula who locks her up in her room. Louella pleads with her and says this isn’t going to work like she wants. She tells her sister to surrender to Darna. Darna shows up and tells Molecula to listen to the girl. They begin to fight. Lenlen and Iking are there also. Louella does not want Darna to hurt her sister, and she asks her not to. Molecula splits into particles and enters Darna’s body. She causes the hero to vomit blood. When she gets out, however, Lenlen runs to help Darna who has called out to her. Lenlen forces the split particles to enter different glass jars and traps them in with her telekinetic powers. Molecula is trapped in the jars. Lenlen collapses.

    Darna takes the jars and wonders what to do after Lenlen recovers. She opens one jar (where Molecula herself seems to be in) and pours the green goo out. Darna perceives the alien maggots in it. She kills them with rays from her eyes. The goo spreads and becomes human again. Olivia is lying there dying. Olivia thanks Darna for her deliverance. But Louella arrives grieving that her sister is dying. Olivia tells her she loves her. She asks Darna never to neglect Louella now that she is passing away. She dies. Louella blames Darna for letting her sister die. Darna argues she only killed the maggots but when they died, Olivia died as well. Iking and Lenlen look on with wonder. Louella is furious with Darna.

    Efren looks for Narda at her home. Milagros tells him she just left. She gives the young man a note. In it Narda tells him she went to a seminar so he should just wait for her to get back. Efren is doubtful.

    Narda and Iking present Lenlen to Milagros. The former asks if the girl can move in with them. Milagros gladly accepts Lenlen and says when God takes away something, he gives something else in its place. She hugs the girl while Iking looks on. Later, Iking shows Lenlen a design of superhero costumes for them to wear. He says they should be called, “Wonder Kids.”

    Skeletor goes absent without leave and visits the island. He wants to make sure the people are still under control. He leads them in worship. Darna is there watching. She wonders what has happened to her father, why he has not aged, and why he seems to be brainwashed. She wonders how he escaped from the giant serpent. She sees him transform into Nosferamus.

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    Are you, by any chances, from the Philippines? If so, did you watch it when you're younger?

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